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If you are one of those people who are finding for MobileMaya as well as the mobile price, specification & review then this post is very important for you. In the case of finding new & getting upcoming phone specifications & price in Bangladesh. Most people are like to find mobile price & specs through MobileMaya. People eagerly wait for upcoming mobile specification, price, hands-on review. So, We are here to provide the details information about MobileMaya to get mobile price in bangladesh.

Top Brands Phone In MobileMaya

Nowadays smartphones are very popular things. Smartphones is the device which is used mostly in our daily life. Smartphones are also a popular device in Bangladesh. More then crore of people are daily using smartphones. There are so many mobile smartphone brands in Bangladesh. So, we publish a list of all mobile brands. Here is the list of Mobile Brands In Bangladesh. You can easily find the most popular mobile, smartphone brands in Bangladesh from MobileMaya.MobileMaya is a mobile information related website. Which is always up-to-date with mobile phone information, specifications, review & show official price in Bangladesh.

Huawei Phone In MobileMaya

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is Chinese multinational telecommunications company founded in the year 1987. The headquarter of Huawei is located in Shenzhen. and an ex-military engineer Ren Zhengfei is the founder. In the time of its establishment, Huawei was manufacturing just phone switches. Since then, it has been a long way for this business. Their vision, ambition, hard work, excellence and passion for success made them the second largest smartphone maker in the world by mid-2017

Xiaomi Phone In MobileMaya

Xiaomi is a well established and worldwide well-known brand of today. A few years ago, this Chinese company took over a significant smartphone market share especially in China which was mostly occupied by another worldwide giant Samsung. In 2015, they became the number one smartphone brand in China which was a country of 1.4 Billion people at that time! This success made the CEO of the company, one of the wealthiest people in the world as the demand for mobile devices in China is very high. Another tech giant Apple is as well facing hardcore competition in China because of this relatively new company in the smartphone market. After China, Xiaomi has expanded its business to the USA and gained an excellent response from the consumers.

Vivo Phone In MobileMaya

Vivo is a Chinese Android smartphone manufacturer founded in 2009. Vivo is owned by Chinese Multinational company BBK Electronics which is also the owner of another popular Chinese brand Oppo. Vivo started to expand its market outside China since 2014 and currently, they have operations in over 100 countries. Vivo was the 5th largest smartphone vendor in the world with 100.7 million total shipments and a huge 36% growth rate comparing to the previous year. Their position was just under Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Oppo. Even Xiaomi was under them in the 6th position with 96 million shipments.

Oppo phone in MobileMaya

Oppo Electronics Corp. commonly known as Oppo is a Chinese electronics manufacturing company that produces MP3 players, LCD TVs, EBook readers as well as smartphones. Oppo was officially launched in the year 2004. But in May 2014, the company released its flagship phone Oppo Find 7 which has got a tremendous amount of attention and success all over the world. Another phone Oppo Find 7a has also been a great worldwide success for the company. Then they have decided to expand the business to many more countries to reach more potential customers

Samsung phone in MobileMaya

Samsung Mobile is the number one smartphone manufacturer as of 2018 with 317.7 million worldwide shipments in the year 2017* (IDC). Authorized dealers and showrooms of Samsung are available all around Bangladesh. It is the most popular smartphone brand in today’s world, well known for its highly innovative Galaxy seriesSamsung has gained quick popularity in Bangladesh for their rich features, user-friendly interface, excellent design, Android operating system as well as for providing reasonable price. It is clear that Samsung always tries to combine innovation and decent pricing in their mobiles.

Nokia phone in MobileMaya

Nokia used to be the most popular brand since the birth of mobile phones in Bangladesh and there are certain causes behind it. It was able to win the hearts of millions of people with its very affordable price, people’s friendly design, simplistic approach and outstanding features. Not just in Bangladesh, if you look at the history, most top selling phones in the world are from this brand in the pre-smartphone era. Nokia 1110, 1200, N8, 2600, E71, 6610 are some of the stunning devices from this classy brand. Nokia has been manufacturing a wide range of phones with very different kind of specifications and facilities.

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